Pea pickin on a summer day: Tennessee food photographer

It's so funny to me how every summer people are over joyed to get out in their gardens to gather all they have planted...pick, break, shell, shuck, can and generally stock up like squirrels for winter of all that their green thumbs have given them from our Tennessee summer.  Don't get me wrong, I love fresh veggies straight from the garden, they make me happy and they feel like home, but if you want to torture me send me out to the garden in July and August and ask me to go gather the days crop and bring it in to put away.  When I was little most summers were spent with my cousins and siblings at my grandparents while our parents were at work.  They had a hollar full of everything imaginable that you can grow to eat in West Tennessee and the 7 of us earned our keep by picking everything.  Other than the sweat bees that part didn't bother me too much, but the thought of breaking beans and shelling peas for the rest of the day was torture.  Even though we got to do this inside in the AC and watching our favorite tv shows, I always hated the way green beans left my fingers feeling, but possibly the worse of the two was having purple fingers from shelling all the purple hull peas.  I make it sound bad, but we had an amazing childhood and even more amazing grandparents that taught us hard work paid off and that family was first.  Those days normally ended with all of us piling in the back of a pick up and taken to the lake to swim, which seemed to wash away all of our complaints from the day.  

Now on to why I am blogging about this.  Being a parent now Aubrey spending time with my parents is a must.  Not because I need a break, or they demand to see her, but because she thinks they hung the moon.  Her Nini just might be her best friend and I'm ok with that.  But I have to laugh to myself when I see her excitement to go to the garden and pick peas.  She stops by the bell peppers to pull one and eat it like a apple, and I'm not sure that any of my brother's strawberries made it to the perfect ripeness all season for her eating them as soon as she saw the berry form.  It makes me think that maybe at some point in my life I enjoyed the garden part of it and not just the eating part.  I love my roots, and I love that even in a technology filled world with a lot more toys and gadgets than we dreamed of 30 years ago that she is getting parts of my childhood that I think I took for granted.  I get to see it through my own eyes as a parent now and can see the value in a country life that is fit for a princess.  Enjoy

Headed home with the days haul

Possibly her favorite part of the day was her reward!  Fresh watermelon from my bother's watermelon patch just for her... and as big as her I might add! 

And now for my favorite part... the eating part!  Excuse me while I head to the kitchen to cook a pot of peas and skillet of cornbread for dinner.  Enjoy your summer, family and food! 

Stephanie Mullins
Nashville, Memphis Food Photographer

Stephanie Mullins is one of the best food photographers in the Midwest; a simple look at her client list is all the proof one needs. Her blog is filled with Nashville and Memphis Cookbook PhotographersStephanie Mullins is a professional food photographer who specializes in capturing food images that make you want to reach through the screen to take a bite. Working primarily in Nashville, Stephanie has worked with several food chains and local food vendors on keeping their food photography current and eye catching with her flawless work. Cookbooks, magazines, corporate food chains and locally owned business are a few of Stephanie's food clients in her home base of Nashville.

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Birmingham, Alabama is where the love of capturing food photography all started for Stephanie. Starting her career there, Stephanie had over 70 images published in Southern Living Magazine while interning there.

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In addition to many clients in Memphis and Nashville, Stephanie has clients in Atlanta, Birmingham, Alabama, Chicago, and Louisville, Kentucky. View Stephanie's portfolio!