29 Days of Love: Day 2 Nashville TN food photographer

Day 2... boy do I have a treat for you.  This woman, Teresa Blackburn, inspires me in my career, personally and just all around outstanding person to have in my life.  She is the magic behind the scenes to most all of my shoots as my food stylist.  Her talent of making the ugliest food pretty is a skill I would put up against any artist!  When I have a crazy idea she goes with it, even encourages it sometimes, and having someone like that in my career is what has gotten me to where I am today.  Her attitude and outlook on life is amazing to have as a right hand man, and as a friend.  Lucky for me she needed a new headshot last week and I was honored to take it for her, which gave me all the more ammo I needed to make this post all about her.  She inspires me to be better and thats what makes her my post for the day.    Enjoy

Stephanie Mullins
Nashville, Memphis Food Photographer

Stephanie Mullins is one of the best food photographers in the Midwest; a simple look at her client list is all the proof one needs. Her blog is filled with Nashville and Memphis Cookbook PhotographersStephanie Mullins is a professional food photographer who specializes in capturing food images that make you want to reach through the screen to take a bite. Working primarily in Nashville, Stephanie has worked with several food chains and local food vendors on keeping their food photography current and eye catching with her flawless work. Cookbooks, magazines, corporate food chains and locally owned business are a few of Stephanie's food clients in her home base of Nashville.

You cant take a look at food photography in the south and not include Memphis. Growing up so close to Memphis, it has definitely had a influence on Stephanie as one of the best Memphis food photographers. Stephanie shows the feel of Memphis food through her stunning light you see in the images of mouth watering BBQ, as well as the fine southern cuisine that lingers in the air there.

Birmingham, Alabama is where the love of capturing food photography all started for Stephanie. Starting her career there, Stephanie had over 70 images published in Southern Living Magazine while interning there.

Cookbooks, corporate clients and ad agencies from all around the east and deep south including Atlanta, Chicago and Louisville, Kentucky all call on Stephanie Mullins Photography for that perfect feel you want to get from a food image. Mouth watering, enticing, melt in your mouth and a sudden feeling of wanting to eat what you are looking at are just a few of the remarks Stephanie gets from her portfolio and website, and her response is always, "Well, that means I am doing my job then." Click here to view samples of her exquisite work.

Finally, for a bit of fun reading, be sure to check out Louisville food photographer Stephanie's blog where she shares some of her more personal photography.

In addition to many clients in Memphis and Nashville, Stephanie has clients in Atlanta, Birmingham, Alabama, Chicago, and Louisville, Kentucky. View Stephanie's portfolio!